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I have been doing a devotional on Esther. It is a really great book of
the Bible. So many different things going on in that story. The king
getting rid of his queen. Haman plotting against Mordecai and the
Jews. Esther being placed in the New Queen pageant. Haman getting
his on the very gallows that he had built for Mordecai. But, what most
readers remember is that climatic passage in chapter 4 where
Mordecai tells Esther that she must plead the case of the Jews before
the king to save them. Esther is scared because she knows that going
before the king without his calling ends in death. Verse 14 ends with
Mordecai’s famous words, What if you are here for such a time as
this? An amazing question. If you are unfamiliar with the story, Queen
Esther does persuade the king to save the Jews. As I was going
through this devotional, God once again used a familiar passage of
scripture to show me something that I had not seen before. Before
Mordecai asks Esther THE question, he tells her something. A very
simple statement that speaks to the very depth of Mordecai’s faith in
God. He tells her that if she says nothing, liberation and deliverance
for the Jewish people will come from somewhere else. WOW! Even
knowing that a day is coming that people will have licence to kill the
Jews, Mordecai knows that they will be saved somehow. He does not
know how or by who, but he KNOWS they will be saved. That is faith!
Is yours that strong? Personal confession – as I write this, we are
going through a difficult circumstance. It would be easy to be
depressed or mad or frustrated or any of 1,000 emotions that I believe
Mordecai probably experienced. But I KNOW that this too shall pass
and God will AGAIN provide. That is where my faith stands. It will
certainly wax and wane from time to time, but the story of Esther
reminds me that help will come. From where or from whom or how? I
don’t know. I just know it will. Do you?


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