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Merchants on Main Street are continuing to make our downtown more attractive.  With the weather turning cooler, I can get back to my downtown walks.  I learn a lot on my walks.  The Main Street of any city is special.  I always think of Main Street as the heart and soul of our city.  Sure we have lots and lots of traffic on the highway, but I feel the people invested in downtown pump our city forward.

Simpson Nutrition on Main Street
The Vault

Simpson Nutrition has decorated their window for fall.  The Vault has added lovely curb side decorations.  I hope every business downtown will step up and join these merchants who are trying to make a difference.  (If you have a picture you would like for me to post, just email to Sue)

On my way back from downtown, I decided to check out Rail Road Drive (which of course is next to the railroad).  Years ago there were no pine trees on that section of land.  Actually, my daddy and Tommy Everett planted those pines.  They owned the land together.  In later years, we reached an agreement with the railroad to sell them that land.  The pine trees make a great buffer for sound and site with the trains.  I know I am rattling…but in saying this about the pines, the area seems to be a haven for people throwing out trash.


After I saw on FB where Brent Walker was mowing areas in the city that had nothing to do with his property, I realized we all need to step up to the challenge.

Brent Walker
Brent Walker cleaning an area on 5th Street SW and Main Street running to the highway.

I got my trash bag and headed out to RR Drive.  At first I thought, “this isn’t to bad!”  Well, I must be blind!  I gathered an entire bag of garbage and probably could have picked up more!  I asked the city several months ago to put the blue trash can near the railroad track to help walkers to have a place for their trash…but, mercy,  people in cars are filling the pines with every type of trash imaginable.

Another group in the county did a community wide clean up which was organized by 17 year old Dewuan Williams a student at Mendenhall High School.

Cleaning up Simpson County

Simpson Academy has Homecoming Friday night.

SCA Homecoming Court

Check this article for more info on the plans for Homecoming week.

Magee Trojans travel to Seminary Friday night.

Magee High School Football

I hope everyone has a great week.  I am loving this weather!  Thanks for putting up with my rants!

Main Street will close Friday afternoon and be closed through the weekend for paving of Main Street.

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