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CPSC and Three Leading Elevator Manufacturers Announce Recalls of Residential Elevators Due to Industry- Wide Issue of Child Entrapment Hazard; Risk of Serious Injury or Death to Young Children:
Recall Date: January 11, 2022
Recall Number: 22-048
Recall Summary
New Instructions


Recall Details
Manufacturers Providing Free Safety Devices to Address Hazardous Gap Spaces between Home Elevator Doors
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Bella Elevator, LLC, Inclinator Company of America, and Savaria Corporation, are announcing three separate voluntary recalls of about 69,000 residential elevators.
Young children can become entrapped in the space between the exterior landing (hoistway) door and the interior elevator car door or gate if there is a hazardous gap, and suffer serious injuries or death when the elevator is called to another floor.
Consumers should keep unsupervised young children away from the recalled residential elevators and contact the manufacturers for instructions on how to measure for space guards to correct any hazardous gap. Space guards will be provided free of charge and assistance with space guard installation will be provided on request.
Bella, Inclinator and Savaria have agreed that all current manufacturing and distribution of future residential elevators will comply with applicable voluntary safety standards to eliminate the young child entrapment hazard. CPSC previously warned consumers about residential elevators in July 2021.
Statement of Alexander Hoehn-Saric, Chair of the CPSC
“I am pleased that the CPSC and these three residential elevator companies, Bella Elevator, Inclinator Company of America, and Savaria Corporation have come to an agreement to rectify a dangerous hazard for consumers who use residential elevators in their own homes, the homes of relatives, or in rental or vacation homes. This is an important step that will prevent further harm from potentially tens of thousands of residential elevators. Industry and the CPSC still have work to do. We have not yet been able to reach agreements with all of the elevator companies to fix their residential elevators that pose the same potentially fatal entrapment hazard and in one case sued a company to force a fix. As long as this hazard persists, I am committed to continuing this work and preventing future entrapment injuries and deaths.”
Joint statement from Bella, Inclinator and Savaria:
“We are pleased to be working with the CPSC on this recall, in which we are providing free space guards where needed to increase the safety of our residential elevators. Today’s announcement also reflects our three companies’ firm, continued commitment to working with our installer partners so that future residential elevators will be installed consistent with voluntary safety standards to eliminate hazardous gaps between home elevator car doors or gates and hoistway doors. We are proud to be leaders in the residential elevator industry in addressing this important issue, in cooperation with the CPSC.”


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