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A very special friend of mine died Thursday night, Clyde David Brooks.  Although he goes by David now, he will always be Clyde David to me.  Clyde David and I went to Magee School from the first to the twelfth grade.  We were in church together all our lives…singing in the choir (he could sing…I could not), attending church camps, never missing Sunday School and Training Union.  He was my life long friend.

Clyde David was extremely talented.  He had a beautiful voice and could play several instruments.

In the last few years, life had been difficult for Clyde David.  His beloved wife Cindi died about a year ago.  Only two months after her death, his young son-in-law (31) died suddenly with a massive heart attack leaving a wife and small baby.  Clyde David always pushed forward he never gave up even as heart problems plagued his everyday life.

Precious Clyde David.  His aunt was Mrs. Ollie Mayhall that our BYW is named after.  Our BYW continued to visit his mother, Mrs. Juanita Brooks.  Our BYW always felt we had such strong mission hearts because of ladies like Mrs. Juanita Brooks who taught us as small children to “go ye therefore unto all nations.”

Clyde David is first cousin to Mrs. Tawesia Meador of Magee.

Thank you for a life well lived, Clyde David.  You were loved.

Clyde David’s mother the late Juanita Brooks


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