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Christian Carrico with Keep Magee Beautiful met before the board Tuesday, August 3, 2021 and advised the City a work day has been scheduled for Saturday,August 28, 2021. Carrico asked each Alderman to organized an area in their ward to address on the work day.

Carrico advised the board the committee wanted to spend funds from the money allocated for Ural Everett Park to purchase approximately 6 strands of commercial lightning, 10 wall fixtures, and 2 motion detectors to help light the park.

Carrico updated the board on the assessment received to repair the city playground. To do just patch work that would last another couple years, the price would run around $105,000.  The rebuild the playground would cost approximately $325,000.00. Carrico advised he would like to see the park rebuilt in sections, doing what is feasible at the time and adding more as funds are available. The board took the assessment under advisement.

Rev. Jeremy  Smith with Beauty from Ashes came before the board asking to rent the old satellite prison and chapel for their ministry. The ministry serves as a residential recovery for drug addition. The program for an individual lasts 9 months. Directors John and Britney Layton help operate the facility. The program has 50 residents composed of men and women. The board agreed to enter into a rental agreement renewable each year for the ministry.

The board agreed to allow Charlie Valadie to work as the Emergency Management officer, Phillip Magee to be in charge of the building inspection and Shane Steele to be in charge of the property management.

Keiffer Grimes updated the board of airport matters. Paperwork is being submitted this week for a grant. The credit card machine replacement for the airport will be completed. All other matters are running smoothly.

Mayor Dale Berry acknowledged the Patel family that owns the convenient store located across from the police station. The Patel’s are moving. Berry acknowledge the family had been great citizens and an asset to the community. Another family is taking ownership of the store and will continue to operate.

Tim Bray with public works reported to the board several pieces of equipment were down and being repaired. The garbage truck is one of the items. If garbage is running late, do not be alarmed. The city will pick up all garbage collection for each route. The city has been busy the last week repairing water leaks, addressing pot holes, and other issues that arrises.

The Magee Chamber of Commerce requested permission for street closures on October 23, 2021 for Crazy Day and November 4th for Mingle on Main. The board granted approval.

With no further business, the meeting was recessed until Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 5:00 PM for a budget workshop.

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