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According to Governor Tate Reeves, caution should be practiced Labor Day weekend to help control the number of new COVID-19 cases. A spike of cases following Memorial Day and July 4th reminds everyone to be careful this weekend.

To mask or not to mask??? That stills seems to be a question for many.  Under the Governor’s extended mandate requiring mask, you need to wear a mask.  (Even if you are like Kevin Walker who hates mask and most of the time refuses to comply with as he says “Tater Tots” rules!)

With the extended Safe Return, continued limits on all outdoor sporting events is in affect.  25% compact is the rule at events plus social distancing and MASK.  I saw a good comment by Brandi Dear Smith a former SCA student on FB.  Brandi wrote “If kids can go to back  to school (inside), there is no reason for high school football (outside) to be at 25% capacity.  You are punishing families who want to watch their kids, siblings, or grandkids.  Ridiculous!”  I think many people feel like Brandi.

But, I do feel we must honor and obey our Governor.  I think by obeying, we are in turn teaching our children the importance of “minding” the person in charge.

Magee High School has just announced there will be 250 tickets for Friday night’s game against Collins for sale at the game!  At the Jamboree Friday night, August 28., 2020, no tickets were on sale at the gate.  The tickets are $7.  300 tickets will be available for students, teachers, and parents at the school.  Collins will be provided with 200 tickets. (With the new mandates, the seating at the football game is 750 people.)

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!  Remember no school or garbage pick up Monday!

(This was just posted on Governor Tate Reeves’ FB page)

The next 9 days are critical in our fight against the China Virus. I know this isn’t an easy ask, but please don’t let the Labor Day weekend be a reason to let down your guard. We’re doing better, and we’re almost out of the danger zone. We need to push a little more to start to breathe easier.
You know I’m a numbers guy, and I want to share the numbers I’m tracking.
Some really good news in our leading indicators. Mississippi’s Rt is the 3rd lowest in the nation at 0.88. That means for every person with the virus they are only transmitting it to 0.88 persons. This is when you drive your numbers down and get out of that really bad spot. And that is exactly what is happening in our state.
781 new cases reported this morning. Down from 904 last Wednesday. Our 7-day average is down to 608 today—compared to 625 yesterday and 1381 on July 29.
Hospitalizations (confirmed and suspected) reached almost 1,250 at the peak. They fell below 800 yesterday. Mississippians in the ICU reached 337 at the peak. They fell to 196 yesterday. We have over 600 ventilators available throughout our health care system, and 117 patients on ventilators in Mississippi.
Mississippi, your efforts are working. Our economy is roaring back—every business is allowed to be back open unlike many other states. We have reopened our K-12 schools. We have young adults back on college campuses. High school sports are happening all across the state. College football kicks off tomorrow.
We’re proving that we can beat this thing without job-killing shutdowns and lockdowns. We’ve basically only got two asks: wear a mask as often as you can. Avoid huge parties.
The numbers demonstrate, that’s what makes a difference. There’s no need to shut down society. We don’t need to attack our neighbors or shutter businesses. We just need everyone who is willing to do the little things and protect their neighbors to do so.
Pray for one another—this is still a hard time. And keep your head high, because we are coming through this.
See you at 2:30 for more updates and to answer questions! Some good news on resources to help people in nursing homes possibly see their families a bit more often. God bless. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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