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Campaign Finance Late Filer List

Pursuant to Miss. Ann Code § 23-15-817, the Office of the Secretary of State is required to publish a list of all candidates for the Legislature who failed to timely file a campaign disclosure report by the dates specified in Section 23-15-807(b).

Below is a list of all candidates for Statewide or Legislative Office who failed to timely file their campaign finance report by 5:00 pm, Friday, October 9, 2015.

Ron Williams
David McRae
Addie Lee Green
Natasha Magee-Woods
Christopher Stark
Clara Dawkins-Davis
Willie L. Simmons
Charles “Chuck” Younger
Jake Reeves
Bill Marcy
William M. Billingsley
Stephen Thompson
Eclecius L. Franklin, Sr.
Kathryn Perry
Trey W. Chinn
Deborah Woullard
Elvis E. Colenberg, Sr.
Curtis Moroney
Angela Baker Brooks
Gregory Harris
Daryl L. Porter, Jr.
Tammy Felder   Witherspoon
Chris McDaniel
Rogena  Mitchell
Anne G. Smith
Jimmy Wayne    Russell
Cedric   Burnett
Marilyn Young
Christopher Thomas, Sr.
Michael Cathey
Lataisha M. Jackson
Jim Newman
Shane Aguirre
Rick Clifton
Les Hooper
Julian Chandler Bramlett
Sanford Johnson
Bulus E. Leflore, Jr.
Robert E. Huddleston
Tracey   Rosebud
Charles Modley
Reta Holden
Brian Sims
Jimmy   Davidson
Tyrone  Ellis
Eugene Crosby
Reecy Dickson
Mac Smith
Clark Adams
James Matthew Bennett
Bryant W. Clark
Chris Green
Arrick R. Rice
Machelle Shelby Kyles
Arqullas Coleman
James Covington
Brad Oberhousen
Credell  Calhoun
Tammy Cotton
Corinthian Sanders
Allen Burks
Maurice Hudson
Ricky “Rick” Ward
Tasha Dillon
David W. Myers
Ric McCluskey
Mitch Ellerby
Randall H. Patterson
Hunter  Dawkins
Jeff Wallace

The following candidates did not timely file their campaign finance report, but have since filed with the Office of the Secretary of State.

Kevin Blackwell
John Horhn
Hillman Terome Frazier
Chase Callahan
Towana A. Wright
Jimmy L. “Bo” Alawine
Lisa Benderman Wigginton
Lester Carpenter
Charles Penson
Harold D. Harris
Orlando Paden
Kenneth Walker
Ricky Dewayne Gill
Rufus E. (Pete) Straughter
Stephen Wilson
Robert  Amos
Linda F. Coleman
Alex Monsour
Brad Touchstone
Brian Pearse




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