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Now, I believe I just wrote this a few weeks ago…but what don’t people get about the burn ban.  A burn ban means don’t burn, people.


Late Wednesday afternoon, I heard the sirens…and yes, someone had started 3 “small” fires…which became “out of control” fires within a short period of time.  And get this, they didn’t have any water to put out the fire!


What planet are these people living on?  Do they think warnings don’t apply to them?


If they want to burn, then they need to go to jail.  I’m just saying…it may not be your house that catches on fire…it just might be mine.


I saw a picture last night on FB of a bon-fire in the Simpson County area.  We have not had rain in forever and must get 5 inches of rain before the ban is lifted.


A burn ban is not a joke.  Not only does a burn put everyone in a neighborhood in danger…but what about the firemen?  These men tirelessly climb on the truck and bring water cause “we don’t have any water.”  Heaven help us!


While I’m on a tear, …..I think I will shut-up….my mouth has gotten me in too much trouble lately…so I will cease.


May the force of “minding” be with you…..don’t burn!


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