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During the Simpson County School Board meeting on Thursday, August 11, 2022, Board Member Stan Bulgar expressed his displeasure with comments being made on social media outlets concerning school consolidation.

Bulgar said he would no longer allow personal attacks against him, arguing that it is fine to disagree with decisions that are made but attack individuals personally and name calling needs to cease.

Bulgar stated “Say what you want, but do not make it personal. We the board are focused on helping the community and children.”

The school board has made some decisions that some citizens do not agree with. Bulgar explained it had been a difficult because this board has had to make decisions that no other board has faced. He said many long and hard hours have been given by this board as they have hired a new appointed superintendent, dealt with COVID and mask mandates, completed facility studies, and planned for consolidation.  Bulgar believes certain citizens are trying to cause division within the community and division between the School Board and Board of Supervisors.

Bulgar stated “These actions will not be tolerated by the board anymore. The board is responsible for the best interest of the students and that is where the focus will remain.”

Simpson County Technical Student Jody Stephens was recognized for his accomplishment at Nationals when he placed in the Top 10 in Atlanta, GA.

Jody Stephens with Dr. Bo Huffman

Parents and citizens have had concerns over the quarantining and wearing of masks this year.  The board stated it has a duty to be responsible and act in the best interests of the students. The first week of school 7 students were positive for COVID. During week two, the district saw a large increase in numbers, and Director of Covid Nurse Judith Jones advised the board the CDC had changed requirements for the schools. SCSD Implements New COVID-19 Protocols, Effective Aug. 11. Below are the new guidelines for Simpson County School District:

All minutes, consent agenda, contracts, and finances were approved. The board also approved the the FY 23 Resolution and Order requesting Ad Valorem Tax. The request does include a 4% increase for the operating budget.

A salary scale revision was approved by the board.

Jeffery Walker, Maintenance and Transportation Director, updated the board on construction projects happening in the district. The 5th grade building at Mendenhall Elementary is behind scheduled. Contractors propose a completion date of October 22, 2022. Walker expects the project to take longer. A covered outdoor classroom at Mendenhall elementary is complete. Demolition work is being completed at Simpson Central, and new construction to start is coming weeks.

Superintendent Dr. Holloway noted a Guardianship Clinic will be offered to qualifying residents of Simpson County seeking legal assistance to obtain guardianships of children. The clinic will be held Friday, Aug. 26, from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., at the Simpson County Courthouse at 100 Court Ave., Mendenhall, MS. It is sponsored by the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project and the Access to Justice Commission.

The clinic is intended to help grandparents or other family members who need a special general guardianship or uncontested custody agreement. It is not intended for parents seeking custody of their own children. The guardianship must be uncontested, and income limits apply.
With no further business the meeting entered executive session to discuss legal and student issues. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


  1. In regards to Mr. Bulgar’s comments, I noticed the person taking notes on this meeting did not note what the speaker for the group, when anyone was allowed to, commented back about Mr. Bulgar’s statement. As far as the safety and education of all the students I want to express that is not the case. I feel that only the students in the Magee and Mendenhall area are being considered. Not one word has been said about the amount of time that the students on the other side of the county whose schools were taken away years ago have been considered. I have been told some of those kids are on busses up to 2 hr. in the morning and the same back in the afternoon, and now it is supposed to be moved even farther away and on top of that on a four-lane Highway with even more danger! Hopefully, there will be sufficient time for these students to get any chores and their homework in time to start over the next morning. This whole idea was not thought out for the BEST for ALL of the Simpson County students. I would hate to know that I was responsible for the safety of these children, I will just let the SCSD be held accountable for them.


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