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Magee High School and Mendenhall High School held competitions the week of Magee vs Mendenhall game.

One competition was a “Blood Bowl”. Which ever school donated the most blood was the champion.  Magee High School was victorious in the Blood Bowl.  The race was close but Magee won by one unit.

Second competition that was happening the same week was a food drive. The school with the most can food donated was named champion.  Mendenhall High School was the champion in the drive.

Both competitions were great!  Many lives will be saved due to the donation of blood and several families will received needed food. Thanks to both schools for the donations and anyone else who played a part. In these bowls everyone was winners!

Pictured is Dr. Tom Duncan, Principal Magee High School, Audarshia Flagg, Lead Teacher Magee High School, Ann Booth Mendenhall High School and Ms. Feazell Mendenhall High School, and Greg Paes, Superintendent.


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