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We have a new “plan” on for a way you can ask the candidates questions!

On the site, under the main home page picture, is an “ad” that says “ask your candidate”…click on that ad and “fire” away.

I am the only person who will know who sent what questions (you can always use a user name). For the month of June and first week of July, I will be collecting your questions.

During the second two weeks of July, I will be asking the candidates your questions. I will film the candidate’s answers…and then during the last week of July, all videos will be available for viewing…you can decide who is the man or woman for you.

I know that many of you have questions for the candidates, but do not get a chance to ask the hard stuff…well, now you’ve got your chance.
I look forward to hearing from you…I have already begun receiving questions!

(Questions are for all candidates…supervisors, sheriff, constable, judges, superintendent of education…I mean everyone…send those questions!)

Ready, set, go……Just saying, a great way to ask the tough stuff!!!


Click here to submit your questions!!!!  (Just follow the link then fill out the form and submit! )


(The picture on this article is not active to the link for submitting your question….use the link under the main home page picture)


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