Susan Hall

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My long time friend Susan Hall died Sunday morning, October 11, 2020.  Susan has fought Parkinson’s Disease for many years.  We have watched the perils of this disease rack her body. Her children Jennifer and Matt and her grandchildren were the greatest joy in her life.  She adored her children and grandchildren.

Susan’s family
Susan and Greg were married in the First Baptist Church of Magee

But, I don’t want to think of how Susan was these last few years—I want to remember Susan how she was for her life!  Susan was a person who truly loved young people.   She gave countless hours to the youth of First Baptist Church of Magee.  She attended Super Summer at MC probably longer than she should have!  She knew the path to eternal life.  She wanted everyone she knew to walk that path.  Susan rode the church bus every time it left with teenagers.  She was front and center for young people.

She loved Simpson Academy.  She and her husband Greg gave countless hours at the school.  Greg worked with the football team “wrapping” ankles for athletics and lots more!  Susan stood in the press box filming games.  She stood at basketball games filming. Whatever was needed, Greg and Susan were the go-to people.

Susan loved Peoples Bank where she worked for years.

Bonco Babes
Front: Dorothy Partridge and Nona Lee: 2nd row: Joy Harris, Sandra Rankin, Diane McPhail, Tawesia Meador, Susan Hall, Sue Honea Back row: Susan Smith, Linda Bennett and Jane Everett

Susan was a charter member of the Ollie Mayhall BYW of the First Baptist Church of Magee and the Bonco Babes.

Bonco Babes
Front row: Sandra Rankin, Diand McPhail, Susan Smith, Nona Lee, Glenda Brooks, Susan Hall Back row: Jane Everett, Dorothy Partridge, Glenda Busby and Linda Bennett
Bonco Babes
For many years, the Bonco Babes entered the Christmas Parade. One year we wore wigs! Sue Honea, Diane McPhail, and Susan Hall

Our children were close in age.  Greg and Susan always helped me…they cared about my sons…and I’ve never forgotten the love she showed Dickey, Larkin, and Breck.  She was there for me when Larkin died.  She was there for me when my father and mother died.  She was there for me when Gilbert died.  Susan has always been there for me.

Susan had the most wonderful smile and gladly shared that smile with others.  She was always laughing…and mercy, she could tell us all what to do!  She was the boss lady!

Susan Hall

Susan had so many friends.  People loved her.  She graduated from Magee High School and  remained close with many of her classmates.

Susan made a difference in my life. She made a difference in anyone she knew.

My heart is broken…but I know she is laughing and hugging everyone.

Susan taught us to love.  Susan taught  us to be involved.  Susan taught us to do for others.  What a blessing her life was to all who knew her.

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  1. Susan was loved by everyone and she returned that love. Through the years, I have always thought so highly of Susan and her family. She was always “there” when needed. Her presence was always wanted. She could bring just the right amount of comfort or cheer into any situation. On so many occasions in Magee, I knew that Susan would be there. She truly cared. Susan was the same as a young person growing up in Magee. Her whole family was extra special. Tom and I send our heartfelt prayers to this precious family.


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