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By:  Rev Kight

Our God is the only God that still makes house calls 24/7! Glory to god in the Highest!

As you take time to read this Devotion let the Spirit of God be your Guide and then Obey don’t leave behind a task unfinished!

Our Devotion today comes from Psalms 86:4-5. Rejoice the Should of Thy Servant for unto these O Lord do I lift up my Soul. For Thou Lord Art Good and Ready to forgive and Plenteous in Mercy unto All Them That Call Upon Thee.

There are nine points we find here. David was praying like never before!

  1. Repent to be Touched by God like never before. Tears are a Language God understands take up your Cross Follow Jesus! Your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
  2. Live in this World but not of this World. Children of God are Separated People.
  3. Want more from God All the Time never be Satisfied! For if you are Satisfied you will dry up and blow away! We go from Mountain Top to Mountain Top by way of the Valley and it forms the letter V for Victory in Jesus!
  4. We should have less TV and more PV! PV stands for Purchase Volume! This is found on our Knees!
  5. We Settle for stuff 86% proof and God wants to give us 100% our cup runs over and over!
  6. We must get out of our Comfort Zone! If we can’t then move and let ones who want to Serve Do It! We have a problem called Sin and that leads to the I Problem!
  7. God is Good and Ready to save you Now for tomorrow may be too late! God’s Mercy is everlasting! Your Should must be lifted up to Great God Almighty!
  8. God says who so ever will may come and that is you! Your Pastor can not save you, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, or even the Bible! The one who can is Jesus!
  9. True Peace Can Be Found!

See you at the the House!


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