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I spoke with Chief Randy Crawford concerning the enforcement of the 11 AM-6 PM curfew in Magee.

The business on 49 will not be affected at this time.  The police will not disturb anyone getting food or gas nor coming or going from work.

Presently, the big problem in Magee is foot traffic which is leading to break-ins.  The number of young people on the streets of Magee late at night would shock anyone.  One policeman told me he counted over 30 kids Friday night.

How does the coronavirus connect with the curfew?  In my opinion, there isn’t a direct correlation…but racking and rolling at night on foot isn’t a good thing for anyone.  People are to stay in their homes as much as possible with as little contact with others.  If you are walking the roads, you are not in the house!

The police need us to be their “eyes.”  The police cannot be everywhere.  If you see something, say something.  We are all in this together and need to stand together.

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