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Yes, my friends, the truth is that Micah Xavier Johnson has ties to Magee, MS.  When I learned this truth Saturday night…I was stunned…just as everyone was who knew him and/or his family.


Micah is the grandson of Reverend Harvard and “Miss” Minnie McDonald…two fine fine people.  My heart is broken for the McDonald and Johnson family.  My heart is broken for the families of the slain police officers and civilian in Dallas.  My heart hurts.

My heart hurts for America…that we turn on our own people…that we lash out through violence.

Who in a million years would have believed Dallas would lead back to Magee …just as I am sure the McDonald’s and Johnson’s would never have believed the events of their lives.

Having traveled some rough roads, I am not one to point fingers or accuse.  But I am one who strongly believes in prayer.  I remember years ago when I was facing an extremely trying time in my life, Harvard McDonald prayed with me. We stood in the middle of his business holding hands.   The words of his prayer…the pureness of his heart have never left me.  Often, I think back to that prayer and the strength his words gave me.

I am praying for Harvard, Minnie, Delphine & James…I am praying for you to find a peace that only God can bring.  Trials and tribulations have filled our lives…and we’ve kept pushing.

Know your Magee family grieves for you just as we grieve for the families affected by the actions of Micah.


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