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Here it is midnight…and I can’t hold out any longer to give every details of election night.

We will post Wednesday morning the results. When I left the Courthouse after 11:00, the count was not complete…but there were not enough absentee ballots left to make a difference in any race

We have a new Sheriff—Donald O’Cain and Cedric Albritton will be in the runoff in Noverber

We have a new Superintendent of Education—Greg Paes

Tommy Joe Harvey is back at his post.

Steve Womack and J. Donald Rogers will be in a runoff in Noverber.

Larry Walker and Danny Craft  will be in a runnoff August 25th.

G. Mitchell Chatman and Curtis Skiffer will be in a runnoff August 25th.

Chris Caughman won big time.

I’ll get everything pulled together in the morning. The filming of the election returns is on the home page featured video.

Thanks to everyone for their support and help! Lawanda Thompson was a fabulous face book lady…and Jason Ratcliffe is the bomb on filming!

More details tomorrow…my eyes are closing…..night!


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