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According to Maria Aspan of Fortune, women accounted for 100% of the job loss in December.  Of course, men also lost work in December. As a group, American men gained 16,000 jobs while American women lost 156,000.

When I read the above information Monday morning, I was shocked.  The article went on to say that due to the pandemic and childcare challenges women were hit hard.

During the pandemic, I have prayed for parents.  I have prayed for teachers. I have prayed for students.  I have prayed for the administration in our schools.  I have prayed for small business.  2020 was quite a challenge for everyone.

With the situation in Washington, 2021 has all the signs for another rough year.

As Christians, we have the assurance that God is in charge…no matter how difficult life becomes.

I hope each of us make an effort to be kind.  People are hurting.  Please be kind to anyone you happen to see or come in contact with.  (I don’t think I can be kind to the Direct TV people or AT&T)

Here I go making excuses.  Everyone needs kindness.

Dog Pound update:

Two of the dogs were adopted last week!  Several people opened their hearts to the dogs in the shelter providing food and blankets.  One of the “bad” dogs roaming in a neighborhood was caught.  (Actually, there are 3 dogs in that neighborhood that are giving citizens fits…one down two to go)

Remember not to load garbage cans with more than 25 lbs.  Following the rain, many cans may be heavier than usual.  Be kind to the garbage men!!!

Everyone stay warm!  We may not have had snow…but we’ve got the cold!

Here’s to a great week!

Check out this awesome video from the Simpson VS Leake game Saturday night.  If this doesn’t show kindness…I don’t know what does!  We love you Koby Walker.

Weston Frye, Dillan Perdomo, and Koby Walker. (photo by Wendy Berry)



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