Zach Holbrook in front of Chris McDaniel RV

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It’s great to live right in the middle of town! With 1st street running beside my house, I get lots of traffic…which means, nosy wonderful people!

Monday afternoon around 2:30 this huge Chris McDaniel RV pulls up in my front yard. I thought the “passer-byers” were going to wreck! Chris had agreed to an interview with Zach Holbrook on our “TalkShow” which was scheduled for 6 PM. Around 10 Monday morning, Zach learned McDaniel had a scheduling conflict and needed to come earlier in the day. We always try to work things out for our guest, which we did!

Zach Holbrook, Chris McDaniel, Sue Honea


Politics are interesting! Chris, Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy are vying for the position vacated by Thad Cochran and then appointed filled by Cindy Hyde Smith. The vote for this position will be on the November 6th ballot.

Keep your eyes open when you pass my house! One never knows who will show up.
Zach is striving to bring the political world to our readers. He will be attending the Trump rally tonight in South Haven.
I love a young person with a get up and go…Zach sure possesses that quality.

Chris McDaniel & Zach Holbrook

Ok, Cindy-Hyde Smith and Mike Espy we are waiting for ya’ll to come tell the good people of our area why they should vote for you!  Zach is ready for your interview!

All roads lead to Magee…get on the road!

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