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We’re BACK!!!! with a new look



Well, I hope we’re back! made the switch Sunday night to our “new” site…..boy, has this been wild. For the ones of you who have designed and loaded a website…you know what I am talking about.


Our site is running on a new platform; therefore, I had to learn an entire new way of posting! Please hang with me as I struggle to get things right. But hey, we can do this and we will.


I will be posting or making a “tutorial” on how parts of the site work…but, I think everyone will find information is easier to locate…much more interactive…posting comments…and videos, videos, videos!


When the home page appears, just start reading and scrolling to the bottom. Notice that the red information bar rolls with you as you navigate down the home page. The home page contains everything that is the “newest” on our site…from news to schools to Sue’s Stuff…to sports….all the information for a quick update is available with just a scroll.


Sometimes I am afraid I do not give clear directions. Do not hesitate to email me with questions! At the top of the page is a contact area (in red) check that out…and there is a SEARCH bar where you can type anything and the info should pull up!


The new site is not completely loaded. We still lack things on our calendar and business directory. We have been pushing to get the new news on the site!


I hope you will enjoy…..and keep the info coming!



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