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A “old old” water line located near Craft’s Barber Shop must be repaired.  According to former Director of Public Works, Nevis Rankin informed Tim Bray, the present Director of Public Works, he has no idea how old the line is or where the line connects.  Nelvis said, “ the line is older than me!”

The water line on Choctaw will be killed Wednesday morning.  If your business experiences water loss, contact City Hall ASAP. (601-849-3344)

Magee is continuously plagued with water breaks. Our aging infrastructure is causing havoc in our city.  As with most things, money for needed repairs is scares.  The City continues to repair breaks as they happen.  “Every city in the state is dealing with water issues,” stated Mayor Berry.

If you see running water where water should not be running, contact City Hall.  (601-849-3344) is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the St


(The picture is not of the break today.  I will post updates as available.)


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