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Did your child get a bicycle for Christmas? If so or if they already have a bike, beware! The bike thieves are among us!

Several bikes have been reported stolen in the last month. According to the Magee Police Assistant Chief Joey Womack, “most bikes are taken by juveniles.” Assistant Chief Womack explained that parents should take a picture of the child’s bike and serial number. “Keep the bike locked in a room or with a chain. Just putting the bike under the carport without a lock will not safe guard the bike,” said Womack.

A few weeks ago, a bike was stolen from under a carport in my neighborhood. A local resident caught part of the action on camera. The homeowner reported the stolen bike to the Magee Police. A city workman found the bike abandoned in a ditch on the path to the school. With the information given to the police by the homeowner, the bike was returned.

Keep your “eyes” on what is happening in your neighborhood, where you shop, and where you visit. Your “eyes” just might provided the needed information to solve a case!

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