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Magee Trojan Baseball Team has been participating in their 2nd annual Trojan Warrior Trustmark Challenge the week before Christmas break. This week is designed to put the players through a series of challenges, both individual and team, that test them physically and mentally. This week is designed to teach the players how to fight through adversity individually and as a way to create team unity. The players have worked extremely hard this week to achieve the “warrior mentality” it takes to compete this season. We have a talented group of athletes this year and what we lack in numbers we make up for in heart. We look forward to our season that starts in February and our goal is to play every game the best we can and let that take us a far as we can go.

Our first official day to practice after school is January the 28th. These guys work hard during our athletic period that we have thanks to the scheduling of the school. Dr. Tom Duncan and our administration has been very supportive of our athletics and we appreciate the efforts they go through to ensure we have adequate practice time during the school day. We also have a new AD, Coach Teddy Dyess, who has been very supportive and has changed the culture of our athletic programs. He has gone above and beyond to ensure our team has the leadership needed to succeed. He has also done a great job with finances to ensure we have equipment needed for the season.

We have a couple of new faces to the staff this season. Coach Joey Ward and Coach Brian Mills will join Coach Steve Hancock, Coach Tim Jordan and myself this season to assist with our program. Having five coaches on staff enables more individual work on our team.

I would also like to thank Superintendent Greg Paes, Maintenance Director Jeffery Walker and the Simpson County School District for the support and purchase of equipment and field maintenance items needed this season for the field. Also want to thank Recreation Director David Dunn and his staff, Jimmy Zila and Daniel Decker for their work helping to assure the field is always ready to play.

Last but not least, I want to thank all the parents for all the work they do for our program and allowing us to be a part of their children’s life. They are all special and you parents have done an outstanding job raising your children to be respectful and disciplined which makes our job as coaches a lot easier.

We are in the process of selling chicken leg quarter plates as a fundraiser to help with the purchase of new uniforms and equipment. The plates can be bought from any player and deadline is January 11th. The plates can be picked up on January 26th from 11 am to 2 pm. The players are also asking for businesses to sponsor them by purchasing advertisement signs to hang on the fence and scoreboard. The purchase of these signs helps buy players attire for the season and make improvements to the new indoor hitting facility/dressing room that was built last season. As always, I want to thank all those who have supported us in the past and let you know we appreciate the continued support for our team and program.


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