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Wear your mask!  According to Mayor Dale Berry the mask mandate is still in effect for Simpson County.  The Civic Center and Community House are available for rent but no more than 10 people are allowed at an event.

According to Mayor Berry, “we have homeless people in our area.”  The Mayor stated that Magee has a building that can be used to house homeless if there is an organization that would like to pursue helping the homeless.

The bathrooms at the Tennis Courts and  McNair Springs have been vandalized again.  The police are doing what they can to address the issue, but there is very little the police or the city can do to eliminate the problem.

A dog catcher has been hired.  The stray dogs are housed on the grounds of the City Barn.  If you have a situation with a stray dog, contact the police department or City Hall.

City elections are this year.

Our fire rating is now a 5.  We are working toward a 4.

The City Barn has been cleaned. ( is taking a tour of the City Barn Wednesday, January 6, 2021 around 11 AM)

Mayor Berry stated his feelings on Fire Works in the City…”I am not a fan of fireworks.”

Sales tax collections are still good.  Dale’s goal is to reach $2.5 million…and he thinks we will succeed .

Another goal Mayor Berry mentioned was securing a grant for McNair Springs to build a Pavillon and have barrel racing (horses).

Listen to the full interview below.

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