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Growing up in a small town where everyone knew everyone was a privilege and blessing.  Knowing friends of friends, parents of friends, church family, and of course a tight knit school allowed everyone to be yo mama!  Magee was just the place.

My sister Linda and friends from high school gather once a quarter to reminisce about their years at MHS.  They meet in different places within the State.

Beverly, Linda, Sandra, Donna, and Jane

The group consist of (maiden names) Jane Mangum, Donna Kennedy, Beverly Caldwell, Sandra Kees, and Linda Dickey.

Donna was in charge of planning the quarterly get together….and Donna chose a day trip to Magee!

The day began with a visit to Sandra Kees’ childhood home.  Sandra’s home has seen several different owners through the years.  She had a unique house  growing up.  The house was split level and showcased many distinctive features. Sandra is thrilled because Molly Berch has purchased the home!

Following the house tour, the “girls” made a pit stop at my house and  headed to Zips for of course a famous Zip Burger.  

I was glad we were in the backroom at Zips because we  laughed loudly for a long time.

The tales of life in Magee was hysterical.  Their life style required many “I am sorry.” Sandra laughed so hard she had tears rolling down her face.   Jane tells lengthy stories…as Donna said…this is why she was Miss Magee High School.  I don’t know how to explain Donna.  She is quick witted! Almost everything she says is hysterical…and that is a compliment.  Beverly and my sister are a lot alike.  Somewhat soft spoken and very attentive to everyone, Linda and Beverly are the kind that want you to think they did not participate in pranks…but I know the real story.

The next stop was Angela’s for pecans and more!

 A trip to the cemetery is  a must for this group.  I can only imagine the conservation among the dead.

Sharing life, sharing stories, sharing a deep love for one another is priceless.  Memories so precious…so sweet…and so glad we have them!  Treasure your friends…many will spend a life time with you.

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  1. Sue, you are a wonderful hostess to all of us, and we are so very proud of You are the best ambassador Magee could ever hope to have. We all still love our hometown. Beside the precious memories, the people who invested in us their time and energy will forever be a part of our lives.
    For all of these experiences, we know we have been blessed beyond measure by living and growing up in Magee. Thank you for sharing your time and dear friendship with us. Love and hugs to you, Jane Mangum Hederman


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