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Trojans win big over the Cobras by a score of 52-0 on Homecoming night.

Serving as Captain was #6 Kyerston Tucker. Honorary Captains were Chandler Pittman and Cayden Bridges.

#21 Gavyn Chafin kicked off for the Trojans. Wesson would start from their own 32-yard line. Wesson seems to be focused and mean business on a long pass down to the Magee 20-yard line. Another pass pass moved the ball down to the nine-yard line for the Cobras. Magee’s defense would come up with the big play and recover a fumble. Trojans take over possession of the ball.

Magee completed a 70-yard pass from #3 Tristan Newsome to #7 DeMichael Green. The drive would stall on the 10-yard line of the Cobras. #21 Chafin attempted a field goal and was successful. Magee lead by a score of 3-0.

Wesson  received the kickoff and started from their own 35-yard line. Wesson goes for it on the 50-yard line on fourth down and was not successful. Magee takes over possessions on down with great field position. Numerous penalties backed the Trojans up to the 37-yard line. Magee’s quarter back was sacked on fourth down and turned the ball over on downs. Wesson takes over on the Magee 45-yard line.

Trojans defense once again shines with #10 Gavin Drones returns an interception for a quick six. The point after attempt was good. Magee increases the lead by a score of 10-0.

Magee kicked off to Wesson which started from their own 35-yard line to end the first quarter. Magee holds Wesson and forces the  punt. The snap is over the punter’s head and Magee recovers on the 6-yard line. Magee continued to be plagued with penalties. Holding calls back the Trojans up their own 23-yard line. A beautiful catch by #6 Tucker for a touchdown. The point after attempt by Chafin was good. Magee leads by a score of 17-0.

Wesson started from their own 25-yard line. Magee’s defense was able to hold the Cobra’s and force a punt situation. Magee blocks the punt attempt and recovers the ball on the Wesson 28-yard line.

#3 Newsome scored on a quarter back keeper. #21 Chafin’s point after attempt was good. Magee leads by a score of 24-0.


After the kick off, Wesson starts on their own 25-yard line. Wesson gained a first down on a catch by Clue Miller to the 40-yard line. Wesson goes for it on fourth down and one yard on the Magee 30-yard line. Wesson’s quarter back  completes the first down.

A pass interference by the Trojans would take the ball down to the 28-yard line of Magee. #1 Jody Durr would come up with a sack for the Trojans. #10 Drones with another pass interception allows Magee to take over on the 10-yard line to end the half.

Homecoming festivities were held during half-time with the introduction of maids and crowing of Alyssa Payne as the 2021 Magee High School Homecoming Queen.

Second half Magee would receive the opening kickoff. Magee takes over at the Wesson 37-yard line. #15 D G Levy scored on a 25-yard touchdown pass. Chafin’s point after attempt was good. Magee leads by a score of 31-0.

Wesson received the ball and started from their own 24-yard line. #1 Durr intercepts the pass and takes over on the Wesson 21-yard line. Magee stalls. The Trojans attempted a field gold which was blocked by Wesson. Magee’s defense continues to stifle the Cobras when #10 Drones causes another pass breakup forcing Wesson to punt.

Magee’s offensive again found the end zone when # Newsome connected with #7 Green for a touchdown pass. Point after attempt by Chafin was good. Magee on top by a score of 38-0.

Wesson returned the kickoff to the Magee 40-yard line. Magee’s defense holds strong. Trojans take over on downs at the Magee 22-yard line.

A 30-yard reception by #5 Jaylen Floyd in between two defenders for an incredible catch would end the third quarter.

#25 Braden Gregory carried the load on Magee’s drive.  #3 Newsome ends the drive with a quarter back keeper for a touchdown. Point after attempt by Chafin was good. Magee’s lead increases by 45-0.

Wesson started from their own 35-yard line after the kickoff. To end the game, #28 Darian Woods had a pick 6 for the Trojans. The point after attempt was good.

Chafin was perfect on PAT’s for the evening. Magee wins by a score of 52-0.

Coach Jones stated “I thought we has out best week of practice and that carried over to Friday night. Really proud of our effort on both sides of the ball and special teams. We have still have some things to clean up and get better at but we took a step forward against Wesson.”

Magee moves to 6-2 overall record and 3-1 in region play. Magee will host Crystal Springs Thursday, October 28, 2021 at Trojan Field.  Game time is 7:00 .m. This will senior night. All seniors will be recognized per game around 6:45 p.m. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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