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We’ve been watching…we’ve been waiting…and finally the “reveal” day has arrived.

Tune in Thursday night on UP TV . If you have Direct TV the station number is 338. The station number for U-Verse is 369 or 1369 in high definition. Dish TV is 188.

If you will not be at home to watch, please record! The number of viewers matter…anyway we can get them.

The publicity for D’Lo and Simpson County has been great…and we need to keep it coming.
Just saying, if you don’t get any of those channels…call me and you can come and watch at my house!

There is a little bit of confusion as to the starting time…one place will post 8:30 and another 9:30…so just get your TV tuned to UP TV around 8:00 PM and you should be safe!

Thanks again to John Henry, his family, and the citizens, of D’Lo…for trying to move a little town with a big mayor forward!

Stay tuned!


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