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I attended a workshop in Starkville several months ago concerning ways to enhance our Downtown and City.  When I saw the “There’s Always A Way” button, the message slapped me in the face!

I feel “There’s Always A Way” should be the Moto for our city and its leaders. Instead of “we can’t do that”…let’s find a way…because there is always a way.

I don’t think anyone will disagree with me that our city has a major “trash” problem, not only on the streets but our parks and roadways.

I got a call this week that a dead cat was laying on a pile of trash at the City Park where a tennis tournament had taken place.  As soon as I called Tim Bray, City Superintendent, he had someone taking care of the situation. If there is a problem, call.  I am not saying the problem will be immediately resolved, but at least we’re trying.

There is a way to clean up our city and we must figure out how!  We are short of man power.  People have COVID.  The list goes on and on..but we still must find the way.

Whose job is it to keep the streets clean?  The main thing our city crew is constantly engaged in is repairing water leaks and finding someone to ride/drive the garbage truck.  These two issues are huge and cannot be thrown to the side.  But, where is the way.

I feel strongly that “Parks and Rec” should take care of parks!  David Dunn’s department does not have the man power to take on every park in Magee.  I am for hiring 1 or 2 additional people for Parks and Rec and give them the upkeep of the parks.  The city crews cannot mow all the time and take care of day to day business.  Our city is growing…we must grow with it in a positive way. 

 A part time position has been available with the city for months!  We are looking for someone who would work 20-30 hours per week mowing and weed eating around the city.  Let’s get these Stop Signs cleaned around and not have vines and grass everywhere.  No one has applied for the job!  Sounds familiar doesn’t it!!!  I’m just saying ,nothing is free forever and the “free” money  is running out fast.  (If you are interested in this job, go by City Hall and fill out an application).

I believe strongly that every department head in our city should be held accountable for their job and what they do and don’t accomplish.  Now, I’m not saying our department heads and employees are not working, what I am saying is give us information as to what is being accomplished and not accomplished.  The citizens have a right to know.

Ok board, (which includes me!), where are the cameras that were approved for placement in our parks?  Why hasn’t the traffic situation near Magee High School on Choctaw Street been addressed?  Principal Bill Broadhead came before the board months ago.  We cannot mess around with safety issues. Why are the department head reports requested by the board months ago not turned in bi-monthly?  Why haven’t the back doors been installed at the back of Ural Everett park?

(As an alderman, I can tell you these issues are being discusses…I just want action…I want a way!)

Alderman Lane Steele told me a few weeks ago everything moves slow and I’ve got to learn to have patience.  Ya’ll, I’m sorry…I have never been a patient person.  I doubt I can start being patient now!

The majority of the businesses in Magee keep their business  looking great…but!!! We have several that have nothing but a trash heap visible to the consumer’s eyes!  Check out behind the shopping center across from Burger King sometimes.  I can’t tell you the calls I have had about that situation.  I will also tell you Shane Steele is working on the problem. Many of these problems are the fault of the land owner.  They must be held responsible. What about the garbage can in front of the jiffy mart across from the Shell station on Raleigh Road.  Those people actually have a fenced in area and don’t even put the trash in bags into the area.  The trash blows all down Raleigh Road…check it out sometimes.  Again, Shane is working on this with the business owner…but I am just not patient!  The railroad crossing at 2nd Avenue to highway 149 is awful..why can’t we do something?

I’m sure ya’ll are wondering what got me on such a roll.  Well, it was seeing that button that said “There’s always A Way!”

Let’s join together to find that way to make Magee a better place.  I promise I will pray for patience. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


  1. Lane Steele. He wants patience? Ridiculous.
    No one was elected for ‘patience’.
    How about the alderman for Ward 2 & these sinkhole pothole roads? Why is he not addressing these??
    Lane’s ward looks like a 3rd world country.
    So disheartening.
    We are slowly turning into Jackson and it’s scary.
    I personally know people who have looked to live here and have chosen not to because of the way Magee is kept. Or unkept I should say.
    I grew up here.
    It’s sad.
    Sad sad to watch this constant decline.


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