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*Just wanted to let ya’ll know after a short cruise today, I found the junk on 4th Avenue NW cleaned up! The trees and vines were cut by old Martha’s Place, trimmed! I will continue to check on the other places.  Also, the cemetery looks good.  Thank you Cemetery Committee and city workers!



After numerous calls and contacts, I did a ride around Magee Tuesday.  I must say, we still have piles of rubbish, but improvement has been made.

A shout-out to Raleigh Annex for a neat and clean apartment complex.  Their flowerbeds were neat and pretty.  The streets were clean and very little debris.

Across the street was a disaster!  I don’t know who is in charge of the complex or who is supposed to pick up that pile of mess, but it is awful!  Raleigh Road is heavy traveled and should be kept as neat as possible.  A neighborhood group worked several weeks ago cleaning up the area.  Can’t people keep their garbage in their car until they find a trash can?  Awful!  If the clean up is the city’s duty, we need to step up and get it moved.  If the clean up is the complex management responsibility, let’s start the process to “get’er done!”  We have ordinances in our city to address these type of situations…so do it!

The area in Eastside has seen much improvement.  Following all the rain, many people have high grass but with the sun shinning maybe the yards will be cut.

We do have an ordinance against yards that are grown up…and I saw several all over the city. Leave these people a notice.  Get the ball rolling before things get so bad!

I think 4th Avenue NW (again behind my house) must be an area that no one thinks they have to sort and pile their rubbish.  Well, you do!!!…sort the stuff and then city…pick it up!

There is an ordinance for abandoned houses.  When I looked at this house, which I had been called about, all I could think about was mosquitoes and snakes!  The house is located in an area where there are many young children.

I can’t see!!! The corner of 2nd Avenue and Rail Road drive (where Martha’s Place was located}, is a tangle of over grown grass and plants.  Honestly, I must get into the road before I can tell if a car is coming.  This is an area I have reported before.




I think half the world must be throwing away mattresses!  Almost every pile I saw had old mattresses.

We are making progress…we’ve just got to do better in cleaning up our town.  Last week, Gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster visited  We decided to hold our interview in his truck since there has been such a big deal of his choice not to ride with a female reporter alone (#MyTruckMyRules). Oh my!  I know the guy and his manager were horrified at the over all appearance of our city.  We conducted most of our interview while ridding on Highway 49 due to the bumpy streets!  Ya’ll we never know who is coming to our wonderful town or who passes through Magee.  We need to be ready at all times!

I hope each of you will continue to keep your areas clean and neat and help others to achieve a better appearance in our neighborhoods and city.

Ending on a good note showing the city workers working!  Picking up limbs on the city streets!


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