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The Magnolia state has been losing people for as long as anyone can remember. More people seemed to leave than arrive.

The US Census Bureau’s 2020 census estimates seemed to confirm this, reporting that Mississippi was one of only three states in America to have lost population between 2010 and 2020.

Now, it turns out that the feds can’t count! 

The Census Bureau has just issued a revised estimate and discovered that there are in fact 120,000 more Mississippians! Between 2010 and 2020, our state grew by the equivalent of two new cities the size of Hattiesburg.

Why does this matter?

Knowing that there are more Mississippians is important not because it’s a way of exploiting more federal funding opportunities. Nor, despite the reaction of some politicians, is it about any implications it might have for redistricting.

It matters that our population is growing because of what it says about our state. The apparent decline in Mississippi’s population was often cited as evidence of public policy failure by liberal pundits who seemed to think that we ought to be more like Oregon or Seattle. We don’t need to accept that narrative anymore.

Mississippi is growing, with more folk arriving than leaving. This ought to give us confidence to do more than wait on federal handouts.

There is much more that we can do to make Mississippi grow. The recent income tax cut will help, although we need to go further and abolish the state income tax entirely.  Having some great universities, around which industries and start ups cluster, is important. Getting rid of red tape, much of which exists to protect vested interests, is going to be essential.

Of course, I didn’t really start a trend when I moved across the Atlantic to make the Magnolia state my home. If anything, I was following a trend that was already underway.

But as a new arrival, I appreciate why someone would want to move to Mississippi. This is the politest place in America, with the most agreeable people, climate and pace of life you could want. 

Warm regards,

Douglas Carswell
President & CEO is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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