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When you spend every Sunday for years with wonderful ladies, they become like sisters!  My Sunday School class at First Baptist Church has truly become a sisterhood for me.  Blessed with a fun and spiritual group of ladies, we gather on Sundays to learn God’s word and to check on our friends.

Mrs. Pat Hubbard has taught the “Mamie Lockhart” Class for many many years.  Miss Mamie was an aunt to Sherrie McCall and great aunt to Beth Moore.  In fact, Beth lives in the house Miss Mamie spent her entire life in!  Miss Mamie taught first grade in the 40s and 50s and maybe even the 30s.  She was a fine Christian woman who taught Sunday school as long as her health allowed.  Anyway, I am “running on” but that is why we are the Mamie Lockhart Class!!

Sunday, February 23, 2020, we were blessed with a large number of our class in attendance.  Our ladies are busy like everyone…visiting children…taking care of grandchildren…seeing the world…so, if we have a big group we are thrilled.  I told our girls we had to make a picture.  I think our last picture was about two years ago!

Pictured:  Ruth Regal, Pat May, Judy Prince, Patty Boone, Pat Hubbard, Beverly Royals, Sue Honea, Ann Ball, Penny McAlpin, and Joy Harris.  (Several girls are absent)

These ladies are a blessing not only to me but so many members of our community.  Sisters in Christ are a gift from God.

Email me a picture of your SS class with names and tell a little about your class.  I will be glad to share!



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