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Although I did not attend the Tuesday night, July 7, 2020, Board of Aldermen meeting, I just have somethings I want to say!

The article about the board meeting is posted on City News.  But here’s what I think!

I could not attend the  board meeting due to a capacity allowance of 12 people.  That did not hurt my feelings at all.  Diane and I were there so she could pray!  (And ya’ll know that woman can pray).

Usually, there are very few people at the board meetings.  Last night they were lined up in the foyer and sometimes in front of the building.  Several people from Biglane Heights were in attendance.  The people in the subdivision are upset because Rev. John Lockett wants access to the area during construction of a church he is building.  I had no idea what anybody was talking about…so I had a look for myself.

Biglane Heights is a quaint subdivision full of families with children.  The homes are well maintained as are the yards.  Robert Pearce is leading the charge for Biglane Heights.  Robert’s property is next to the area Rev Lockett plans to develop.  At this time, machinery is being brought through the subdivision to access land being cleared in preparation for building the church.  There is no through street.   Rev Lockett would like for the city to consider extending and paving the new street.  (Heck, we can keep up what we’ve got).   The “new” street is actually on the original plat for development in the subdivision.

I drove through Biglane Heights and down McNair Springs Road.  I wanted to see where the church land was.  Now, from what I could tell (which is questionable) the land goes from Biglane Heights to McNair Springs.  I am unsure  if an access will be available to McNair Springs road.

In all fairness, I did not talk with John Lockett and do not know the reasoning behind his desire for an entrance through Biglane Heights.

Look for more fussing…

We’re playing baseball in Magee…pandemic or not

The city is searching for a new City Prosecutor.  Chris Purdum resigned from his position.  No hire Tuesday night…next board meeting we should know something.

I wondered where the mosquito truck was this summer!  I grew up with the sound of that truck and like a lot of idiots we got right behind the truck and breathed in the “poisonous” gas!  Well, the mosquito truck must be certified each summer before being used.  The people who certify the truck are shut down due to COVID-19!  Now, we are going to have gigantic mosquitoes.  There is not anything that can be done about this situation.

The board has decided to hold up on opening the new Senior Citizen building (located at the old YMCA).  They are waiting until the pandemic is over….now how long that will be no one knows!  I feel this is a smart move by the city.

Anybody want to be a dog catcher?  The City of Magee is taking applications for dog catcher.  Contact City Hall 601-849-3344 if interested.

Steve Womack, former Mayor of Mendenhall who now works for Maintenance System, Inc., came before the city with a proposal to privatize (Out-source) the upkeep of the city water and sewer system.  The company would be responsible for day to day operations and employment of workers for the Magee area.  I’m just saying, this may not be a bad idea.  The board is checking out the proposal from all angles.  More to come.

Anytime you can’t attend a board meeting, you can view online at FB page the meeting live!

As I said earlier, I wasn’t physically in attendance but I do love a live stream and the ability to watch something when it is convenient for me!

Now, please remember this is Sue the prez rambling.  I may not have everything just right…but I thought I would give you my thoughts on last night board meeting.  Others would tell me to keep my opinions to myself…not happening! is an online news website covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


  1. Good job Sue. I couldn’t watch the video but you have condensed it so I can understand what was in the meeting. Thanks for keeping me informed. Love you❤️


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