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As much as I hate to admit this, there are thieves among us in our neighborhood! I have lived in my house for 38 years. I’ve never dealt with stealing but folks, stealing is happening!

My neighbor had his chain saw stolen during the day on Tuesday. A neighbor had her gas can stolen Wednesday …both items were under their garages…and now me.

Patrice and Greg Boykin were at my house Thursday afternoon and noticed my back gate had been tampered with. In the past, I had problems with strong winds blowing the gate open. I had taken care of that situation with a bunch of bars, screws, and bricks. Everything was moved from my gate, which can only be opened from the inside . The push mower was near the gate. I don’t know if the thieves gave up because they could not get the gate open or just left the mower by the gate to come back and get. I had scrap metal near the side of my barn (all of this is inside the fence) and now the side of my barn is all clean!

I called the Magee PD…and bless their hearts they sent 4 police cars and policemen to assist this old lady! I’ve reported the problem…but now I need anyone who passes my house to be on the look out for walkers or any activity around my back gate. Many of you know I live in the middle of town near the RR track behind Rankin Body Shop. I’ve got an old wonderful house. Don’t mess with me. I am a concealed carrier and thanks to Brandon Johnston I can shoot everyone of these guns! I’m not going to put up with this mess. I will hunt you down. Don’t make my wonderful life in Magee turn into a nightmare because you don’t work and just want to steal.

My mama would be so mad at me for carrying on like this…but ya’ll, don’t mess with people in Magee. We are a tight community who watches our for one another.

Several months ago, I wrote an article about the need for “eyes” all the time. Well, I need your eyes. Let’s stop these thieves before real trouble develops! And I can stop acting like a crazy person!

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  1. Sue, I have eight (8) security cameras around my home. Once in the 18 months I have been back have I had the need to use the footage, but that ONE time was worth it. (I, like you, also have a gun – never thought I could use it, but I can and will if my property and/or person are threatened.) We ALL are each other’s neighbors!


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