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Patrice Boykin has spent the last four years of her life dedicated to the Simpson County School System.  Some of you may question that fact, but not me.

Patrice took her job seriously.  She is a rule follower.  She took advantage of all continuing education gleaming knowledge and ideas from others.

Choosing consolidation was not an easy choice but one she felt was the best for our county.

I have been up close and personal to reactions from people in our county.  I have watched the tears following someone’s rant on FB.  The personal attacks (and I mean personal) were unbelievable.  She always tried to listen to what people said.

Why can’t we agree to disagree without trying to crush someone?

We are losing a level headed common sense person who fought for the students of Simpson County.  Learning to follow the system was not always easy for her.  She wanted change.  She wanted improvements.  She wanted accountability.  Quickly, she learned following the system doesn’t always line up with your priorities.

Thank you, Patrice for your years of service.  You may not think so, but there are many people in this county who support you and your dedication to Simpson County Schools and who will miss you.


Thursday between 2-4 a reception honoring Patrice’s retirement will be held at the County Office.  I hope people will take time to acknowledge the sacrifices she has made. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.






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