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Supporting Our Small Businesses
When Mississippi’s economy is thriving, it’s because our small businesses are thriving. After having to close or significantly change operations because of COVID-19, we know our small businesses are struggling. This week, the Mississippi Legislature voted to set aside almost a fourth of the relief money sent from the federal government to help our small businesses.
Senate Bill 2772 sets aside $300 million from the Coronavirus Relief Fund to create two programs providing a direct payment to some businesses and a grant to others. The direct payment program would provide qualifying businesses which shut down — including hair stylists, fitness centers, and some restaurants — a $2,000 check. Small businesses, including sole proprietorships, with 50 or less employees can apply for a grant authorizing up to $25,000 for costs incurred as a result of the virus.
Once the legislation is signed by the Governor and becomes law, the executive agencies tasked with administering the programs will send out notice to businesses across the State. We’ll send out notice too so you won’t miss the application deadlines.
Please know how much we appreciate you. These challenges are temporary. Our resolve to make sure our small businesses survive this terrible pandemic is permanent. Stay safe.
Committee Meetings Webcast on Facebook, YouTube
With help from Mississippi Public Broadcasting, we broadcast recent COVID-19-related committee hearings on Facebook and YouTube.
The hearings on delays in receiving unemployment benefits, relief for small businesses, and expenses incurred by local governments are accessible by clicking here. Hearings on expenses incurred by healthcare entities and plans for distance learning in the fall are accessible by clicking here.
We are taking the temporary steps necessary to continue broadcasting hearings in Senate Room 216, the largest committee meeting room on the Senate side of the Capitol, for the remainder of the Session. More permanent plans will be in the works after Session ends.
2020 Legislative Session Likely to Resume on May 26
On Wednesday, March 18, the 2020 Legislature Session temporarily recessed in response to the Governor’s Emergency Order related to COVID-19.
Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the 2020 Legislative Session will likely resume on Tuesday, May 26. The new deadlines for the Session are available here.
The Department of Finance and Administration and House and Senate staff continue to take precautions, including encouraging visitors who do not have business in the building to stay home and checking the temperature of everyone who enters. Those inside the building will be encouraged to wear masks. Stay updated by visiting
Filling Out Your Census Form Today Means
Mississippi Will Not Be Left Behind Tomorrow
At 54.6 percent, Mississippi’s self-response rate for the 2020 Census has fallen below the national average of 59.1 percent. For every adult and every child that is not counted this year, our State will lose thousands of dollars in federal funds over the next 10 years.
Help us exceed the national rate and bring much-needed help to our State in the future by visiting to be counted today.


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