Simpson Academy CC Team

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Simpson Academy is blessed with a talented and dedicated XC team…thanks to Dr. Angel Overstreet and her dad, Dr. Wyck Neely.  Wyck laid the ground work for generations when he began training youth for XC.  Angel has now taken the reins as the coach, but even though Angel is the boss, Wyck is still involved.  He has built a premiere XC track near his home.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020, thirty-three teams participated in the XC run.  Columbia Academy actually hosted the run at Neely Farms.  People were everywhere!  If you were on Highway 28 coming or going, I am sure you wondered what all the blue lights were about—traffic control is needed for the meet!

Simpson has four seniors this year:  Abigail Weston, Drew Williams, Mary Margaret White, and Noah Overstreet.

Simpson Cross Country Seniors

Simpson Girls placed 1st at the Columbia Academy Invitational with 4 in the top 10 ~ Layla Warren 1st , Kinsley Welch 4th, Emma Overstreet 7th, and Mary Margaret White 8th.

Simpson 1st Place CC Team
Left to right – Mary Margaret White, Carson Carter, Mary Madelyn Grubbs, Abigail Weston, Kinsley Welch, Sophie Grubbs, Layla Warren and Emma Overstreet. Not pictured – Lauren Teater.

Drew Williams placed 5th in the boys division.

Simpson CC
Simpson tops 10 finishers: Kinsley Welch 4th, Mary Margaret White 8th, Drew Williams 5th, Emma Oversteet 7th and Layla Warren 1st.

“Cross County is seven days a week,” emphasized Coach Angel, “We don’t just practice or train one day…it takes a huge commitment to run cross country.”

These runners at Simpson have made the commitment.  They are pushing every day.  With the State run in about a week, these youth are pushing for the gold.

Noah Overstreet
Jacob Johns supporting the team and senior Noah Overstreet

XC runners are friends for a life time.

Denver and Carson Carter and Calvin Smith


Phone time before race time!


Simpson XC
Layla Warren, Sophie Grubbs, and Kinsley Welch


Simpson Academy XC
Sophie Grubbs, Kinsley Welch, Layla Warren, Lauren Teater, Mary Madelyn Grubbs, Abigail Weston, Drew Williams, Mary Margaret White, Jayden Smith, Carson Carter, Emma Overstreet, Noah Overstreet, Denver Carter, Calvin Smith and Thomas Martin.


Simpson Academy CC
Thomas Martin


Pictured on Main Page:

Front – Thomas Martin, Layla Warren, Sophie Grubbs, Kinsley Welch, Mary Margaret White, Jayden Smith
Back – Olivia Hodom, Lauren Teater, Mary Madelyn Grubbs, Emma Overstreet, Noah Overstreet, Calvin Smith, Denver Carter, Abigail Weston, Carson Carter, Drew Williams. is an online news site covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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