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Simpson County School District is pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees today approved the purchase of approximately 102 acres of land for the construction of a county consolidated high school.

The location of this property is just North of Howard Industries and South of AirSouth Heating & Cooling on Highway 49.

The purchase will only be final once the property survey, environmental studies and other legal requirements are met.  We expect the Final Purchase Agreement to be complete within the next 60 days. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


  1. Why would you purchase land with our money when there is 16th section land already owned by the Simpson County School system? Have you people forgotten there are school children on the other side of this county that had their community schools taken away years ago and now the county has a chance and an obligation to all of the children and the parents in this county to be considered as equal and put this county back on track. SIMPSON COUNTY WILL ALWAYS BE IN THE DARK AGES and this is just another step backwards for advancement, not to mention the danger to all the teenagers entering and exiting the heavy traffic directly on HWY 49.

  2. I agree with Dale 100%. It’s a waste of tax payers money……Magee has a new football and high school is in good condition. I just pray they wake up and see the mistake they are making.

  3. What about the traffic every day with the Simpson Academy students and parents and the new school students and parents and faculty? Sounds like the two schools will be close together. Has anyone ever thought about the schematics on the traffic every day. With the two schools contending I bet you it will be absolute chaos in the morning. Throw in MDOT across the street and it’s workers and the Air South workers in the mix and the Simpson Academy students and parents and faculty and the new school parents faculty and students. That’ll be a dangerous area as well with everyone jockeying for position in the am.

  4. This is the most crazy thing why put the schools together. Why waste money on building a new school when u have the schools already. Why waste tax payers money. Why not fix are county roads with that money and improve the schools that are already in place. Mendenhall and Magee has be separate all my life 43 years. Mendenhall and Magee has a great football band and etc. Why mess it up. Quit wasting money and put it where it need to go. Put prayer and GOD back in our school u just might see a difference.


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