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Congratulations to the Simpson Academy high school archery team for winning the MAIS 4A State Championship in Archery.

The Cougars are Coached by Coach Chris Jones and Coach Jessica Yates.

Pictured are Ramsey Jones, Jackson Jones, Marley Lott, Emma Cockrell, Warner Watkins, and Claire Polk. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


  1. It is just so sad how people damage public facilities. WHY is my question!!! McNair Springs is a great place to take kids. My grandson loves to go walk thru the water that’s ice cold but refreshing on a hot summer. I have been a little leary going at times. It’s the perfect place to meet for gatherings under the pavilion. Until people change no matter what you do is going to help. A lot of people just get joy out of ruining things. This behavior is not isolated to our city it’s everywhere. People just don’t care & there is just so much the law can do. This world is in a mess!!!


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