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There is just no other word for the condition of the bathrooms at the McNair Spring’s pavilion!  Patrice and I made a trip to the Springs Monday morning to check on a movie scene being filmed at McNair Springs.  Ya’ll, I got a lot more than just info on a movie.

We made a stop by the restrooms because I had received word they were in pretty bad shape…but I had no idea how bad.

In the city’s defense, I really don’t blame them for this situation.  Our city crew is stretched to the limits.  At some point, the public must be held accountable.

What appalls me is that people would make this type mess in a public facility.  I just expect more of people!  Who makes this kind of mess?  The homeless have become a problem at McNair Springs.  Are they to blame?  Who knows…but for some reason I don’t feel the situation was created by just homeless people.

I was at the Springs a few weeks ago.  I could not get over the number of in and out cars.  Actually, to me, it looked like drug selling was going on.  Our police are circling this area several times a day.  More must be done.  Money always seems to be the issue with anything needed…but maybe a care taker for the springs and parks could be implemented.

We’ve got to do something!

While at the park Monday, the film crew had arrived.  As Patrice and I were checking out the Pavillon, we saw the guys walking toward the pavilion area!  We both about died thinking they may be searching for restroom facilities!  I’m not sure they entered the restroom area…but if they did…I’m sure they didn’t hang around and just hit the woods.

Pavilion at McNair Springs

McNair Springs is a beautiful area.  We must strive to preserve our heritage.

A little history about McNair Springs:

McNair Springs and its associated waterways are central to the history of Magee. The beginnings of Magee date to 1840, when Willie Magee built his gristmill on Little Goodwater Creek. Early in the 1900s, the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad built a fine hotel at the springs, equipped with its own water works and spring-fed pools. In addition, a bottled water manufacturing plant was built around the same time. When the Sanatorium was built, McNair Springs supplied it, as well as the town of Magee, with drinking water.

Today, McNair Springs is the center of a park built by the City of Magee. Although no longer supplying drinking water to Sanatorium or Magee, the spring still produces approximately 400 gallons of clear spring water per minute. Whether one is interested in the history or the natural beauty of the area, a visit to Magee is incomplete without a visit to McNair Springs. McNair Springs is located approximately one-half mile from U. S. Highway 49 South off Siloam Road within the city limits of Magee.

The clear running water is located near the brick wall. is an online news site serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


  1. McNair Spring’s is a Beautiful Place and for it to look like that is Ridiculous on that being said in My point of view it’s because of Young Thug’s that don’t Appreciate Beauty and I use to take My Grandkids there to Play but not any more because I feel like the only thing that takes place there any more is Drug Dealing and I’m to Scared to take Me and Mine to McNair Spring’s anymore. The Drug Dealers and folks buying drugs don’t appreciate the Beauty of just 1 of the places in Our City and County that We could go and let Kid’s Play and just to have Friendly and Family Fun. It’s like the City Park in Magee going down hill cause of Folk’s just don’t Care and don’t value what Our City and County has to Offer… On that Note People wounder why there’s not much in Magee for Our Kid’s and Families to do for Free well it’s cause of Folk’s not Caring and wanting to keep places like McNair Spring’s and the City Park up and running and Clean…. Just Saying….


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