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I am guilty, guilty, guilty!  I have become complacent over the threat of COVID-19.  Once the governor opened up the State, I went full blast into the world!  I was thrilled to go back to church.  I was thrilled to go out with friends to eat.  I was thrilled to shop. I was thrilled to visit family and friends.  Now, I am afraid my thrills might get me in trouble.

I do not have the coronavirus.  But, when the numbers were released on Thursday, I was horrified. (1,092 new cases).  I hate a mask.  I think I am dying.  I can’t tell who people are!  Don’t like stuff on my face.  But (and here’s another but), I feel the time for a mask has arrived.  Will I remember to wear the mask?  Probably not!  But, I am going to make an effort to stay home or at least have a mask on when out in public.

When first began posting the new case and death numbers, I was popping that info up the minute I had access.  For the last few weeks, I might remember to post but saw no urgency in getting the info to the public.  Now, I am watching MSDH website for any news!

I feel the time has come for all employees in a business need to wear a mask.  I think we as citizens need to wear a mask.  I love ya’ll!  I don’t want to see anything happen to my friends!

Simpson County numbers have slowly escalated.  Smith County was always much higher than Simpson.  Not any more!  The numbers for June 24, 2020 were 187 new cases for Simpson and 199 for Smith.  Ya’ll, we use to be “way” behind Smith.  This is scary.

I promise I am going to try and do better in keeping myself and others safe.  I hope you will pledge to do the same.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Sue the prez


(This information was shared with me on Monday, June 29th.  InterestingIn

“Your June 26 message about halt or keep going, you mentioned that the Simpson County numbers have “slowly” escalated. Y’all have actually had a relatively large jump between June 16 (126) and June 22 (170), continuing through June 25 (193) before slowing back down. Because this coincides with the 5-day period when MSDH wasn’t reporting daily numbers due to “legacy software” and “technical difficulties,” it can’t be determined from those numbers whether there was some precipitating event. Like, say, a funeral with hundreds in attendance, many of them not wearing masks…including the governor…)

(While in Montgomery a few months ago, I was required to wear a mask to enter any business—the home pictures shows me all decked out for my adventure! I have no idea why I had sunglasses on!) is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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