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Just a reminder that the Simpson County School Board is holding a special meeting at 6 PM at the Central Office. will live stream the meeting.

I don’t think a ruling on Coach Jim Nowell’s case will be made at this meeting….don’t know why since the “results” were to be made public in “30 days” which would be today, April 30th.

Results concerning the space issue “in town” to locate the elementary school will be discussed…..Wonder when the decision of “where” will finally come to a vote???

While the board is looking at the coming school year, I wish a softball coach would be on the list.  These Magee softball girls had no one in the school system that would be their coach!  Thank goodness for Sarah Jordan and Jimmy Zilla.  I thought all sports had to be equal…and I would say not having a coach…really is not equal!

Magee is getting a new dental office on highway 49 where Safari was located…near C-Spire.  A local son who moved to Hattiesburg, Lake Garner, is behind this venture.

If any of the local ball teams are interested in live streaming a game…contact Sue or Joy (  The cost is $100.  If you get a chance, check out the archived live stream of the team VS Medicomp team….tooooo cute!  The players are all 5 year old boys and are darling!

I hope our April showers will bring the May flowers!!! I am already having to water!

What is up with people burning when the wind is blowing….figure it out…just saying…not smart

Politics —already hot and heavy….this is going to be some kind of summer



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