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Simpson Academy held its local reading fair on Wednesday, January 30. Students in grades 1st – 10th participated. First and second place winners in the fiction and nonfiction categories will advance to District Competition at Ben’s Ford Christian School on Feb. 20.

1st Grade – L-R Ben Jordan – 1st place Non Fiction, Brody Hudson – 2nd place Fiction, Finn O’Neal – 1st place Fiction, Ace Evans – 3rd Place Fiction and 1st Place Best Character, Rileigh McClure – 2nd place Best Character Not Pictured: Titan Warren – 2nd place Non Fiction
2nd Grade – L-R – Payton McDonald – 1st place NonFiction, Lyla Cockrell – 3rd place Fiction, Olivia Wilder-Thornton – 2nd Place Best Character, Max Powell – 1st Place Fiction and 1st Place Best Character, Stella Shoemake – 2nd place Fiction
3rd Grade – Cohen O’Neal – 1st place Fiction, Carson Ellis – 2nd place Fiction
 4th Grade – L-R – Addyson Steed – 1st place Fiction, Carly Gibson – 2nd Place NonFiction, Tralyn Hanegan – 3rd Place Fiction & 2nd Place Best Character, Fox Groover – 1st Place NonFiction, Tyler Warren – 1st Place Best Character, Paxton Lucas – 2nd Place Fiction Not Pictured: Jaydee Lane – 3rd place NonFiction
5th Grade – Caroline East – 2nd Place Fiction & 2nd Place Best Character, Laramie Ells – 2nd Place Fiction, Lilly Overby – 1st Place NonFiction, Chase Adcock – 1st Place Fiction & 1st Place Best Character
6th Grade – Brayden Ellis – 1st Place Fiction, Braden Overby – 1st Place NonFiction, Peyton Mitchell – 2nd Place NonFiction
 Junior High – Ma’Nia Womack – 3rd Place Fiction, Emma Wallace – 2nd Place Fiction, Avery Gary – 1st Place Fiction

 High School – Lauren Stamps – 1st Place Fiction


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