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Simpson Academy Lady Cougars (Softball) are one step closer to the Over All MAIS Softball Championship!

The young team has been doubted by many.  But, time and time again these girls have proven they are champs.

Game 1-Cougars defeat Oak Forest 11-0

Game 2-Loss to Copiah 8-4

Game 3-Win against Bayou7-5.

The MAIS 5A State tournament is in full swing at the Jimmy Clyde Sportsplex.

Simpson will meet Oak Forest at 2 PM—Sportsplex—Field 7

2022 Lady Cougars Softball Roster

 00-Danni Cooper 9th 

4-Olivia Banes -12th

5-Kylin Chisholm – 9th

 7-Hudson Emrich 7th

 8-Lily Overby 9th

 9-Gracie Giordano 12th 

10-Anniston Bass 8th 

12-Avery Vanderford 10th 

13-Mallory Duncan 9th 

14-Payton Hayes 8th 

15-Maggie Duncan 7th 

16-Vallie Polk 7th 

21-Jayda Smith 9th

 22-Karlee Holbrook 10th

2-Jaliya Sullivan 8th

 44-Raegan Jones 7th 

Head Coach: Matthew Harrison Assistant Coaches:Michael Harrison, Brad Smith, and Jeff Wedgeworth is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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