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At approximately 11:00 PM Saturday night, September 4, 2021, a house, located at the intersection of 2nd Street and 3rd Avenue SW (one street behind the McAlpin House) suffered fire damage.

When I arrived no actual flames were visible…just a lot of smoke

At the time, no one appeared to be at home.  Neighbors explained flames were rushing from the house upon arrival.  Two Magee Fire Department trucks, firemen, and police responded  to the fire.

The fireman dressed in “turn out” gear were on scene.  With the heat from the fire, temperature, and gear, the fireman were in a very difficult situation with heat.

Fireman Shane Steele cuts the fire hydrant off following the fire. As you can tell, the hydrant was located in close proximity of the home.

The majority of the damage was inside the home and not really visible from the street.  One fireman stated possibly a water heater or electrical panel caused the blaze.  The fire is still under investigation.

Sue Note:  The home is located down the street from me.  Upon arrival on scene, smoke was billowing from the roof side of the house. The fire generated a lot of smoke.

Below is a video of the fire.

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