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For several years, my family travels to Linda and Tom’s deer camp located in the woods way above Canton!  We have a great time with friends and family from all sides of the family.

The food is always fabulous…but, as with anyone being together with your family is what makes the day special to me.

What makes the day special to the grands is the rolling of the pumpkins!  Every year, Linda (my sister) purchases a bunch of “real’ pumpkins for decorations.  At the end of the meal, the children

are allowed to roll the pumpkins into the hollows around the camp!  The squeals and laughter are priceless…the adults get right  in the middle of the rolling!

Traditions…I love ’em.  Share your traditions with me!

Love you my dear friends!

Thank you for allowing me to share my holidays with you.

Sue the prez

Sue Honea grandchildren

Larkin, Harleigh, Connor, Hudson, Sue, and Preston—one Thankful grandmother!



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