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Mississippi and the U.S. continue to be hit hard with a severe flu season. Nationwide, hospitalizations for flu are at an all-time high, and U.S. pediatric flu deaths now stand at 53.
It’s not too late to get a flu shot for you and your children. Most pediatric flu deaths occur in children who are unvaccinated. A flu shot helps prevent flu complications, hospitalization and death. If you live with or care for children, flu vaccination is especially important.
Find a flu shot at your local pharmacy, neighborhood clinic, or from your physician. Children and qualifying adults can receive flu shots from any of our county health departments. Find a location near you that offers flu shots at

Hand hygiene
How often do you wash your hands? Coughs and sneezes help spread flu, but hands can transfer the flu virus to the eyes, nose or mouth, too. During flu season, adults and children should strive to wash their hands several times a day, or whenever they come into contact with surfaces in public places. Use soap and water, and wash and dry thoroughly.

Your Heart Attack Risk Could Rise After the Flu
The risk of a heart attack rises sharply following a bout of flu, according to Canadian researchers. Analysis of the health histories of 20,000 adults found that the risk of heart attack in the week following flu diagnosis was six times higher than other times of the year. The finding reinforces standard advice about seasonal flu shots: if you have a chronic disease, or if your risk of a heart attack may be higher because of a health condition, a flu shot is important for your protection.



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