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Several months ago, I posted an article and video about the condition of the Car Wash near Walmart and Jose’s.  The manager assured me the area would be kept clean…NOT!

A MageeNews reader sent me the following email:

Today my niece and I were driving in Magee. I wanted my car washed so I decided to go to the car wash next to Wal-Mart. 

I was horrified when we drove by the garbage bins. They were overflowing with trash including dirty diapers. Who is responsible for this property? This eye sore can have a negative impact on our home town. I felt like I was in some inner city.  

Magee is our hometown and we want to keep it beautiful for future generations. My niece made videos. I will forward you the videos so you can see how bad it is. 

Friend, the Car Wash is bad.  Thank you for taking time to video and report your findings.

So much for Keep Magee Beautiful with these people!

We cannot allow this type of situation to continue to occur in Magee.  How will we ever get things cleaned up?

This car wash is located near Highway 49.  Everyone knows how much traffic we have on 49.  Just think if a “passer by” stopped at this place.  I doubt the visitor would ever return to Magee again.

The owner of this car wash will be contacted.

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