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Builders for Christ came to the Simpson County area this week to lend aid to Athens Baptist Church, which burned in November 2014. Builders for Christ is a volunteer group that sets out to assist in rebuilding at least one church per year. The team that has come to Simpson County consists of over 110 people, coming from Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and of course Mississippi. SignsMain

The Builders for Christ had their first full day of work on Athens Church Monday. Local volunteers came together prior to the arrival of Builders for Christ to help get the construction ready for such a large crew. The frame was largely completed Monday afternoon after only one day of work by the Builders for Christ volunteer group. The new building, at 7500 square feet, will be considerably larger than the previous building and also features a drive through awning and a new larger fellowship hall.

The church members and volunteers remain very optimistic about the progress of construction. Originally January 2016 was the target for completion, but has since been moved forward to November 2015 after the construction project made outstanding progress in the last few weeks. Members of the Athens Church congregation ask for the community to pray for continued progress.

Story and Photos by Peyton Varner


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