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I’ve been on a cemetery kick…meaning, I’ve been checking it out following the storm.  Several trees fell during those high winds and made a mess!  As you know, the city is very limited on labor.  There’s more to clean up than we have man power. Lee and Blake are working hard all over Magee.  I found them at the city cemetery today placing dirt on graves that needed some attention.  My son Larkin’s grave and John Everett’s grave both have low places.  Lee and Blake took care of the problem and moved onto other areas in the cemetery.

We got to talking about the condition of the cemetery.  Many of you may never visit our cemetery or many of you may be weekly or monthly visitors.  Lee and Blake explained the problems caused when items are pilled around a grave.  The problems when “Sheppard hooks” are used to hold hanging baskets or flags.  The hooks break…get in the grass…next thing you know…flat tire on a mower.

We can all fuss…there’s always something to fuss about.  But, we as a city need to make an effort to help clean up our cemetery.  We have a great cemetery committee that has worked hard to make changes.  But, as with anything, sometimes things just don’t get done.

If you are at the cemetery, take time to pick up old flowers scattered on the grounds.  Take time to trim around a grave.  Take time to make our cemetery look better.

The cemetery committee, Mayor Dale Berry, and Alderman Lane Steele are hoping we can have a work day at the cemetery….and make a difference!  I know it is easy to criticize, but we need to put actions with the problem.

If you would be willing to participate in a clean up day at the cemetery, send me an email.  I just want to see how many people would be willing to make a difference.

Word is….the “burgers” at Burger King should hit the grill December 15, 2019!  We’ll see!!!! The signs are up and work is moving full force inside.  I know quite a few people who are ready for a whopper!

I am thrilled about our new Rescue Pumper fire truck!  Hopefully, the big daddy will be in the Christmas parade!  Many of you know I have a special bond with the fire department.  My daddy, F. J. Dickey (everyone called him Dickey) was one of the first fire chiefs and the fire department building is dedicated to my daddy.  I well remember in 1969 when the “new” truck was delivered to Magee.  My daddy was one of the men who went to pick up the truck and brought it to my house in the middle of the night and blew the horn!  Those were some proud firemen back then…just as our firemen are proud now.  These guys work hard to keep our community and county safe!  Congratulations on the new truck!

The Christmas parade is Thursday night beginning at 6 PM. will live stream the people before the parade and the actual parade!  Be watching!  The only problem is…I am the filter!  So be ready for some bumpy shots!  Members of the First Baptist Church will serve hot chocolate in the Ural Everett following the parade.

Nona Cook at the Vault has a big activity planned Sunday downtown!  Check out the info here.

Enjoy this beautiful day.  I will look for you at the parade!

From years past!!!


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