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Tuesday morning, June 8, 2021, Patrice and I decided we would cruise around town and check on how things are progressing.

Several properties have been cleaned up…but there a lot more that are in terrible shape!  We decided one of the main things needed is a person who would just weed-eat all day every day!  Perhaps a young person could be hired for summer help.  A young man could make some money…and the town would look 100% better!  I have sent Mayor Berry a text about checking into part time help.

“Round-Up”…now, I am not always a fan of “round up” but in several cases…”round up” would help.  The fence line around the baseball part at the City Park, the ditches near the City Park, the barrier around the City Park…the list goes on and on.

I am sure I will learn first hand how tight our money is in the City.  

I would like to encourage everyone to mow as far as they can on their property.  If possible, mow a ditch…mow around a stop sign or street sign.  We need help!

I am especially upset with the corridors leading to the city.  Take a drive from highway 49 to Main Street and just look.  Check out the areas leading to the city from old highway 49.  The road leading from Mize…needs help!  

After saying all of this, I would like to commend Tyson Foods for the upkeep of their areas.  I appreciate their caring enough about how things look to mow and weed eat everything!  You need to take a drive and check out Tyson’s.

We have so many people coming to the Jimmy Clyde Sportsplex.  Take a ride from highway 49 to the gates of the Sportsplex.  I will say things are better than they were…but we have situations that must be addressed to give our city a better image.  From the Sportsplex back to the city on old 49 has many places that need attention now.  Hold these landowners responsible!!!  (Southern Beverage does a great job in the upkeep of their property!)

I’ve been quite for awhile.  But, I can’t sit back.  When we have a new person in place for Joe Worrell’s job (July 1st), I am going to probably drive that person nuts!

Our Keep Magee Beautiful crew did an awesome job.  But let’s don’t stop!  We need to maintain what we have and continue to add points of interest in our city.

Picture time!!! Send me your pictures or post to this article on FB of areas you want to see addressed.

Mercy, we need so many street resurfaced!  Again, the money issue comes into play.  Hopefully, some of the Federal money we should receive can be used for infrastructure projects.

I know the only problem in our city is not overgrown grass…but I know people judge anything and anywhere by appearance.  We need to make every effort to clean up our city.

Highway 49 looks great!  Thanks for the great mowing job.

I thought I was finished…but while I on my bandwagon, the litter situation is awful.  Hopefully, the police will write tickets if they see anyone throwing trash on our streets.  If you get behind a car with people throwing trash out the windows, call the police.  We need to make these people be responsible for the blight in our wonderful town.  I wonder if a person has litter in their yard if they can be ticketed?…just a thought

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and is enjoying the sun and rain!

The area in front of Rent to Own behind Burger King

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