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Oh What a Night!!!

With only 7% of total voter turn out, Tuesday night, proved to be a long and tedious hand vote count.  We are blessed with a committee who doesn’t cave under pressure … they made sure the count was accurate and fair.  

Because things were handled somewhat differently, was unable to keep a live feed because “there was nothing happening!”  Well, that is not totally the truth!  We could not film what was happening.  Supporters at the Civic Center as well as the viewing public became disillusioned with no info.  

Let me see if I can get everything straight now!  I was one tired woman last night and this morning…so I’ve been slow in getting my job covered!

Mayor Dale Berry received 145 votes in Ward 1; 100 votes in Ward 2; 49 votes in Ward 3; and 24 votes in Ward 4 for a total of 318 votes.

Alderman at Large:

Paul Arnold received 33 votes in Ward 1; 27 votes inWard 2; 22 votes in Ward 3; and 4 votes in Ward 4 for a total of 86 votes

Mark Ellington received 25 votes in Ward 1; 17 in Ward 2; 4 in Ward 3; and 7 in Ward 4 for a total of 53 votes.

Sue Honea received 106 votes in Ward 1; 61 votes in Ward 2; 27 votes in Ward 3; and 16 votes in Ward 4 for a total of 204 votes.  

There will be no run off in the Alderman at Large race.

Ward One

Ruth Ellington received a total of 25 votes;  Mark Grubbs 114 votes, and David Kennedy 18 votes.

Ward Two

Matthew Hickman received 46 votes; Beth McCall Moore 35 votes; and Peggy Taylor 24 votes.  Hickman and Moore will meet in a run off election on April 27, 2021

Ward 3

Lane Steele had no opponent and received 51 votes

Ward 4

Patrick Brown is running unopposed in the general election in June.

I’ll be back with some more info soon….got to go see the football team get the keys to the city. is an online news source covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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